We're playing Treefort!

A few months have gone by since we've checked in here and we've been playing some amazing shows in Portland - thanks to you all who have been coming out, capturing video of our sets, and generally spreading the love. We're excited to announce we'll be playing this year's Treefort Fest in Boise, ID! If you haven't been to Treefort, it's an amazing time where the town gets taken over by music and fans. With downtown venues in close proximity and flat walking terrain, it makes for a dreamy long weekend full of amazing art at every turn. Consider joining the fun this year with us! We'll be playing The Olympic venue (above Mulligans bar) on Saturday, 3/23. 

Speaking of Treefort, here is my (Emily's) first treefort with my old bandmate in Great Wilderness, playing to a very packed Pengilly's Saloon exactly TEN YEARS AGO to this March. 

And there I am enjoying my first beer ever by the main stage! (just kidding)

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